Bartending Supplies

Thunder Group IRPC008 Ice Pick 8" - 1 doz


Use the Thunder Group IRPC008 Ice Pick 8" to easily and efficiently break ice chunks. Designed with a heavy duty carbon steel spike, this ice pick works quickly on frozen blocks and cubes and will withstand heavy duty use while retaining its shape.

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Thunder Group OW115 Champagne Opener - 1 doz


A great addition to any bar, hotel, or restaurant, the Thunder Group OW115 Champagne Opener is an essential tool for opening bottles of champagne or wine. Featuring a spiral screw, this wing-type champagne opener efficiently pierces through the cork...

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Thunder Group PLBC006 6-Compartment Bar Caddy


Keep your bar supplies organized and out of the way using the Thunder Group PLBC006 6-Compartment Bar Caddy. This bar caddy is designed with a large compartment for storing napkins and five smaller compartments for toothpicks, straws, and other items.

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Winco BL-240 Bar Liner 2 ft. x 40 ft.

As low as $25.29

Cover your bar or kitchen shelves with the Winco BL-240 Bar Liner. Designed to protect delicate glasses and china from cracks and chips during storage, this bar liner is an excellent addition to any bar, restaurant, hotel and other food service...

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Winco BL-3P 3-Piece Bar Shaker Set 16 oz.


A must-have in any home, restaurant or food service facility, the Winco BL-3P 16 Oz. Bar Shaker Set allows you to create delicious concoctions. This set includes a shaker, strainer and jigger top to provide the needed equipment to easily mix your...

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Winco PPR-2 Free-Flow Pourer - 1 doz

As low as $2.88

An economical and practical option, the Winco PPR-2 Free-Flow Pourer is a great addition to any restaurant or hotel with a bar station. Boasting an easy-to-use design, this pourer ensures accuracy to reduce the risk of spillage and over pouring. ...

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Winco Stainless Steel Double Tier Speed Rail

As low as $29.04

Whether used for storing liquors for visual appeal at bars, or for keeping syrups organized and easily accessible for coffee shops, the Winco SPR-22D Stainless Steel Double Speed Rail 22" is an excellent addition to any food service establishment.

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