Kitchen Cutlery

Euro-dib - Polyvalent Carving Knife


With 'Combo' bladeThe front half of the blade is smooth to finely slice vegetables and meat. The back of the blade is ribbed to cut everything more easily: vegetables, meat, bread, etc. The end is rounded to spread condiments.

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Eurodib - Asian Chef Knife


With its avant-garde scalloped blade, inspired by traditional Japanese blades, this knife significantly prevents food from sticking to it and is ideal for any type of cutting task. It is lightweight and very manageable.

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Eurodib, Carving Knife


This all-purpose knife is specially designed to finely carve roasted meat, ham, etc. The blade is designed to offer as little resistance as possible, making it easy to perform lengthwise cuts.

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Eurodib, Santoku Knife


The scalloped Santoku knife is a practical, multi-purpose tool; it is perfect for thinly slicing vegetables, but also has a long enough blade to cut meat and fish.

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Eurodib, Utility Knife


An all-purpose knife, ideal for small tasks: cutting vegetables into slices or strips, cutting cheese or removing fat from meat before cooking. The thin blade makes cutting easier and the utility knife has the advantage of being lighter and more...

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